Alpha Chapter Celebrates 83rd APO Founding Anniversary

By on Dec 19th, 2008

Alpha Chapter- the Mother Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega in Philippines has once again showed its Alumni and Residents strength by gracing the 83rd APO Founding Anniversary Celebration at Fernandina 88 Suites Hotel at P. Tuazon , Cubao, Quezon City on December 15, 2008.

As early as 12 noon, residents and some Alumni already came into the 3-room Suite while several Batch mid 50’s and 70’s arrive early in the afternoon. Snacks were served while some were taking few shots of black label, and exchanging funny jokes and stories to the delight of the residents seeing the oldies but goodies…(don’t want to name names as nobody would accept APO grows old anyway).

Everyone transferred to the restaurant at past 6PM for the registration while flocks of fellow Alphans arrived in batches. The program was formally opened thru a video played by Sis Madel – The Prayer (By Josh Groban and Celine Dione) and watched in silence and solemnity. The crowd can’t help but applause after the National Anthem was sung with Sis Jerush’s (former GLC) playing her violin.

The MC’s Bro. Rogelio “Jam” Jamero II and Sis Tina Cabanag (GLC) then introduces the attendees and guests from the National Council headed by Bro. Mel Adriano, his lovely wife, NED Bro. Tito Garcia and some members of the National Executive Board wherein our very own Bro Ricky Curato is a member representing NCR.

The Welcome remarks followed by yours truly, then a speech and a song rendition by Bro. Mel Adriano. Inspirational message was then delivered by Bro. Waldy Carbonell, full of heartwarming message and APO great experiences and adventures in line with his media works and very inspiring words of wisdom that “APO was created to endure others’ imperfection”. A tooth for tooth is also not right attitude to retaliate to perceived APO enemies as they are not even at par with our level….. as APO has no equal.

Past APO National President Bro. Caloy Caliwara has delivered his inspirational message congratulating the residents and Alumni leadership for its utmost effort to keep Alpha Chapter live up to the 3-cardinal principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service.

Awarding of Certificates to the founders of ACAA headed by Bro. Col Tito Villalino and Bro. Eddie Laserna was then presented thru the initiative and sponsorship of Bro. Rogelio “Jam” Jamero II. The GC – Bro. Paolo and GLC-Sis Tina received their respective citations and certificates as well. Plaque of appreciation was also presented to the following ACAA officers:

Bro Danton Pajarillaga for Leadership
Bro Russell Sabado for Friendship
Sis Madel Kho for Service

Games and APO history question and answer portion was fun especially with the raffle prices that goes with the winner. Video and Slide show presentation of residents and Alumni (ACAA/ACAI) was also presented and wowed the crowd for the best ever Active Alpha year in terms of services.

With more than 70 Alphans in attendance, the Celebration was a great success. Funny and serious Individual Speeches from the senior batch members, songs and dances and unlimited drinks with foods and lechon sponsored by Bro. Mao Banez (ACAI) and Bro. Jojo Mariano completed the funfilled night that lasted till dawn.

Despedida party for outgoing President of ACAA and another ACAA officer was never announced and observed by everyone as well as the silent turn over to the New ACAA President come January 1, 2009 thru APO handshake. Maybe our happy pictures will tell you the story…..

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All!

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  1. Congratulations to all Alpha Brods and Sis for your continued involvement in our Alpha Chapter activities!

    Nice to see familiar faces and all our resident brothers and sisters.

    Thanks to all the ACAA officers, brods and sis who contributed greatly to the success of our joint 2008 service projects.

    Mabuhay ang Alpha Chapter! Cheers!

    Jojo Banaria
    Alpha Chapter Alumni International (ACAI)


  3. may we always be bothers and sisters..!!!!

  4. sana magpatuloy pa ang Leadership, Friendship at Service sa mga susunod pang mga henerasyon.

  5. Mabuhay ang Alpha Chapter!